Solutions - Expertise - Results

Oku Solutions provides professional services consulting to the broadband telecommunications industry. With over 30 years of experience in wireless and wired telecommunications, we provide our clients with solutions, expertise, and results.

Services offered include:

  • Expert witness: Local government hearing support, and facilitation of council/board study sessions.

  • Electromagnetic engineering: EME report audits, post-commission MPE testing.

  • RF/Microwave forensics: Field testing, site search, spectrum clearing, interference hunting and source location.

  • Broadband strategic action planning.

  • Implementation of Wi-Fi networks using Hotspot 2.0, OpenRoaming, Google ORION, and private LTE/NR networks using CBRS.

  • Legislative testimony, FCC filings, and standards research.

  • Public policy, leadership briefings, and authorship of position papers, white papers, and e-books.

  • Authorship and filing of comments to the FCC, PUC, and other regulatory agencies.

Clients turn to Oku Solutions because our approaches are practical, informed by experience, and based on a proven track record of getting measurable results.

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"Oku Solutions is about solving problems, seeking answers, and developing solutions which benefit all stakeholders. We don't just work for the person or company who hires us - we work for their customers, vendors, and partners. Strategic planning, market knowledge, technical ability, an extensive network of contacts, and an aggressive desire to create the best outcome - these are the tools we use to get the job done."

-- David Witkowski, Founder & CEO, Oku Solutions LLC