About Us

"Oku is the simple truth that is hidden behind the external and often complex."
- Kiyoshi Matsumoto

David Witkowski
Founder & CEO

David is the Founder & CEO of Oku Solutions LLC.

David's career began in the US Coast Guard where he led deployment and maintenance programs for mission-critical telecom, continuity of government, and data networking systems. After earning his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from University of California @ Davis, he held managerial and leadership roles for high technology companies ranging from Fortune 500 multi-nationals to early-stage startups.

David serves as Executive Director of the Civic Technology Program at Joint Venture Silicon Valley, as Co-Chair of the Deployment Working Group at IEEE Future Networks, as Co-Chair of the GCTC Wireless SuperCluster at NIST, on the Board of Expert Advisors for the California Emerging Technology Fund, and is a Fellow of the Radio Club of America and a Senior Member of the IEEE.

A noted industry author, his publication list includes:

  • Co-author of Telecommunications and Information Communication Technology (U.S. Geological Survey - 2021, The HayWired Scenario - Chapter S, https://doi.org/10.3133/sir20175013V3)

  • Co-author of 5G vs. Wi-Fi: Challenges for Economic, Spectrum, and Security Policy (Journal of Information Policy - 2021, https://www.jstor.org/stable/10.5325/jinfopoli.11.2021.issue-2021)

  • Author of Economic Impacts to Residential Real Estate from Small Wireless Facilities (Joint Venture Silicon Valley - 2021, https://bit.ly/SCREstudy)

  • Author of Bridging the Gap : 21st Century Wireless Telecommunications Handbook (Joint Venture Silicon Valley - 1st Ed: 2016, 2nd Ed: 2019, http://bit.ly/jvsv-telecom-hbook-v2)

  • Co-editor of Public Wi-Fi Blueprint (GCTC/NIST - 2017, http://bit.ly/gctcwifiblueprint)

  • Co-editor of Municipal Internet of Things Blueprint (GCTC/NIST - 2019, http://bit.ly/gctciotblueprint)

  • Author of Evaluation of RF Network Testing (Anritsu, Bird Technologies, CommScope, & Motorola - 2013)

  • Co-author of Carrier & Public Wi-Fi (Mobile Experts LLC - 2015)

  • Co-author of Advanced Broadband Networks (California Emerging Technology Fund - 2019)

David has written feature articles and op-eds for CIO Review, EETimes, IEEE Microwaves Magazine, Make:Magazine, Mercury News, MissionCritical Communications, QST, RCR Wireless, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Insider, and Urgent Communications. He has presented and moderated panels at APCO (National and Regional), CTIA, DAS & Small Cells Congress, IEEE (International Microwave Symposium, and 5G World Forum), IoT World, IWCE, League of California Cities (Annual Conference, City Managers Conference, and Public Works Officers Institute), GSMA Mobile World Congress - Americas, RCA Technical Symposium, State Of The Valley, TPRC, and Wireless West.

Kimberly Shakeri

Kimberly Shakeri is the Chief Financial Officer of Oku Solutions LLC.

Kimberly began her career at Bank of America, rising quickly to become a Senior Vice President at the executive staff level where she had nationwide responsibility for compensation programs, and later led the Ideation Group where she developed and tested innovative in-branch marketing, engagement, and customer loyalty programs.

Kimberly obtained her B.Sc. in Finance from Santa Clara University, and is certified in Design for Six Sigma methodologies. She does extensive charity work for local communities including serving as Head Coach for Girls On The Run Silicon Valley, as a Parent Producer for the Willow Glen High School Theatre, and as a Pet Therapist for Furry Friends.